February 9, 2009

And the Saga continues....

So, I was thinking that my strange experiences with dates had cooled off awhile.... well, I was so wrong, because my date with "Skippy" reminded me again why single is attached to the end of my stats (you know, 5'1, brown hair, brown eyes..oh and single.)

Many of you are wondering why I would go out with a guy named after a peanut butter brand, but I am a bit of a softy and I tend to be a sucker for compliments and Skippy had lots to give to me so.:)

I met Skippy at a Sundance party just a couple weeks ago. He was wearing this bright yellow shirt with the words "I see famous people" written in the front, and it sparked my curiosity. So when he came up to me and told me I was the cutest girl in the room and how pretty I was (yup, I'm a sucker!)I gave him a chance. After much coaxing, I agreed to be facebook friends with him. A few days later he followed through with his threat, I mean promise, to ask me out on a date. I decided to go out on a lunch date, they are safe and if it doesn't go well I can make a quick exit.

We met at a place called "Rib City" in American Fork. I showed up and Skippy gave my a hug (he likes to give a lot of those!) We sat down and our conversation started. Skippy is a pretty interesting guy and has a lot of cool experiences with meeting celebrities and traveling. Our conversation was actually really cool and there wasn't a dull moment. Skippy continued to give me compliments (yup, still a sucker!)and promised an even better date if I agreed to another one. As our date was winding down I was thinking to myself that I was going to accept another date, I mean I am adventurous!

Well Skippy gave his final push for a second date and then waited for my response. (Now, this is where it gets interesting) I said this.."thank you for a great lunch and it was actually an honor to meet you and.... o.k. now cut to Skippy/ "Yeah thank you goodbye.." and Skippy starts walking out of the resturant! I thought he was kidding so I started laughing, thinking he was about turn around and say "just kidding", or at least let me finish my sentence. Well, Skippy kept walking and I kept following him, still thinking he is teasing me and will turn around any second. I followed him out the door and watched as he got in his car and pulled out of the parking lot! Right about now, I am thinking "Skippy isn't turning around."

So when Skippy begins to drive away I look at him with this questioned look on my face and I mouth "what is going on?" Skippy rolls down his window and begins to go off on not wanting any more friends (he has enough for this lifetime, I guess) and all this other stuff about being dumped. When he stops talking, I tell him that before he stormed off I was about to tell him that I would be up to a second date!

Now Skippy has a puzzled look! I told him, that had he been patient and let me finish, he would have heard that last part, but now I was seriously changing my mind fast! Skippy, realizing he made a big boo boo, tries to back track, but I told him that a gentleman would have at least walked me to my car! I mean who just walks out on their date like that?! Uh..Skippy does! I understand he felt like he was going to be rejected and didn't want to hear the friend line, you know, let's just be friends thing, but come on, have some manners!

I was starting to walk myself to my car when Skippy jumps out of his and asks for a hug (remember he likes those) and I give him one. I start heading for my car thinking I am done, but Skippy makes a last ditch effort and tries to convince me to change my mind. As I sat in my car and listened to him rattle off his excuses, I finally say "Skippy you talk too much, I will get back to you later, GOODBYE! I drove off just in a state of hysterics!

Every time I think I have met a decent guy, he does something to break that thought. Now many of you might think that I was a bit harsh, but keep in mind that if I hadn't gone after him, I would have stayed at the resturant wondering where my date went! NOT COOL!!!!

Now the great thing is, is that I have a pretty good sense of humor and well, stuff likes this gives me juice for my dating advice book I will write someday!(that's o.k. I'm laughing at that idea too!)

I still think Skippy is a cool individual and one day he will make some girl very very happy...she just needs to make sure she blocks the exit door!


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