October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday and since I missed posting something about him for Father's Day, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to brag about him for a minute. I think it's cool that I get to share my birthday month with a lot of family members, but even cooler....with my Dad.

My dad really has a big heart, especially for his kids and grandkids. I think he would do just about anything to make sure we were happy and safe. If I ever needed something, my dad was always willing to help me. I was smashed in between 3 boys, so I was lucky to be able to go along, at times, to play with them and my dad. I was happy to just be able to hangout with him.

My dad taught me how to catch a football, he taught me how to dance (the classic stuff, he wasn't too familiar with hip hop..;)) he tried to teach me Math (my siblings will understand), he taught me how to laugh a lot and most important my Dad taught me, by example, about the gospel. I have seen him serve faithfully in his callings and in his service to the church all my life. I watched him study and know the scriptures, I've seen him pray and I have heard him bear his testimony, which, I feel, was the most important example to me.

As I have grown up (o.k. maybe I'm not quite there yet!)I have started to recognize some similar traits I have to my parents. My desire to be kind and sweet to others is something my Mom has given me and my love of humor and adventure in life, I get from my Dad. Both of my parents have given me an opportunity to develop a strong testimony of the church and a continued desire to always serve. For this, I am so grateful for!

One of my absolute favorite memories of my dad and I is our day trip we took to San Francisco. It was a Saturday and my dad was cleaning in the garage. I was out there and he told me if I cleaned the fridge, he would take me on a motorcycle ride. Well, anytime Dad offered motorcycle rides, us kids took it. After I cleaned the fridge, Dad and I hopped on his motorcycle and took off.

My Dad ended up taking me all the way to San Francisco! We went to Koit tower, Ghirardelli Square and down to the Wharf. We rode for hours! It was the best day ever for me. I had my Dad all to myself (in a family with 7 kids, that's a big deal!)and I was loving every minute of it! It was a beautiful day and it created one of my favorite childhood memories with him. Thanks for all you have done and do for me! Happy Birthday!! I Love You!



My Trips!

This has been the year of travel for me! Some travel in the same state I live (Utah) and some in the state I grew up in (California). I have had lots of fun meeting new friends and spending time with family I don't get too see to often. So here are just of few pics from the past few months. I will have to post more pictures later, but I am on a bit of a time crunch at the moment! :)


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