July 20, 2009


As I have said before I have the funniest nieces and nephews ever! This particular evening I asked my nephew Ryland to rub my shoulders. You see, even though Ryland may not seem to have herculean size muscles on the outside, he actually could probably bend steel with those guns of his!! LOL! So this is a video my sister Michele took while Ryland was working out my knots! Oh and if you wonder about the massage comment I make, it is because I graduated from massage school years ago...I'm just proud some of my talents rubbed off on someone!! :)



Every year my parents and some of my siblings go to Fish Lake. It is the location of my brother-in-laws family reunion. They have invited me to go for years and this year I was finally able to spend a couple days there. I am so glad I did! It is so beautiful and relaxing and with the nieces and nephews there as well, it was just fun to hangout with everyone, without having to answer and email or phone call....no service helped out in this area as well! I also learned the art of fishing (you have to love to sit and you have to have patience!) So here are just some pics of the time there!


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