March 3, 2009

Yup, that's Ryland for you!

My nephew Ryland is pretty hilarious (it runs in the family!) I called him on Sunday to wish him a Happy Birthday and this is how the conversation went.

Auntie Erin "Happy 7th Birthday Ryland!"
Ryland "Thanks"
Auntie Erin "Did you have a party?"
Ryland "Yeah, my friends were there, some couldn't make it though"
Auntie Erin "So what did you get?"
Ryland "I go GI Joe action figures!...I got lots and lots of presents!"
Auntie Erin " What else did you do?"
Ryland "So I have just been playing with my toys and my back and neck are really sore, and I have this pain in my neck and so do you want to talk to Brayden?"
Auntie Erin "Uh...o.k."

Some of us are phone talkers, some aren't! Love you Ry!


March 2, 2009


So since this is my blog and it's my little sister Lauren's birthday today, I get to spend a few minutes and share with you all, why I love her to death!!!!

I can't begin to tell you how excited we all were when Lauren was born, I mean the girls finally dominated the family now and would for the rest of their lives!! :) j.k. sort of.

I was so excited to have a baby sister. I loved it when she woke up in the morning with her cute smile! I loved getting her dressed, I wished at times that they had made bigger girl dresses so her and I could match...(yeah, they do that now). I loved bouncing her to sleep. We would put a pillow on our knees and she would be on her stomach and we would just bounce or rock her until she sleeping (they don't encourage people to do that anymore!)

As she got older, my mom put her in the same room with me. I think then that I made myself her second mom...she has 3 sisters so we all had our chance. But Lauren was my buddy and I loved dressing her up and doing her hair, she was like my little doll! She was soooo cute and even though I did get out of hand every once in awhile and her lovely red locks did at times be in the style of a beauty queen's hair in the 80's, we both loved it, it was our time to spend together, at least for me, it gave me the chance to dote on her!

I was very protective of her and I can remember the time I chewed her best friend out because she was making Lauren feel bad...course her friend was only 5 at the time, but it didn't matter, you don't mess with my Pooky. I even punched my brother Greg in the face because he was teasing her(and I'm not a violent person!) There was the time she got bite by the neighbor's dog and I got to lay by her on my mom's bed and hold her hand and try to make her laugh so she would forget how much her bite hurt.

Lauren and I shared a room till I think my senior year! I potty trained her, I found her first chicken pox! (it was on her back.)

When I would be watching t.v. Lauren would just come up around me and give me a big hug and then we would both look in my parents mirror and say how cute we were!! lol!

It was hard to move away and not be around her all the time and be a part of her teenage years! We shared a lot. I remember when our cat died. I called Lauren and we cried together over the phone. We were the only two that really understood how much we both loved that cat!

I look at Lauren today and she is the most amazing individual! Such a sweet and loving wife and mother and overall, wonderful human being! I wish I could take credit for how she turned out, but I think Lauren is just a special soul and Heavenly Father knew our family needed her and he knew he could trust that we would all give her our love unconditionally! I feel so lucky to call her my sister and am so proud of all her accomplishments. I joke that she is made up of all the good parts of her parents and brothers and sisters, so that almost makes her perfect!! he he. So Happy Birthday Pooky! I love you always! your sis. Erin

The picture above is my dad's and my favorite of Lauren, because it just seems to capture all her goodness, sweetness and of course cuteness!


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