December 17, 2011

Too Cute for Words


December 13, 2011

No more more books..... oh.. wait!

So I finished my first semester back to school. It has been a most challenging experience. I remember the couple weeks... I think I cried at some point, everyday, and then I got into a routine and boom.. Finals done!

I never have thought of myself as school saavy. I think I barely graduated high school (I consider myself more of a creative, social spirit). So it has been interesting to see what subjects I excel in (pretty much anything requiring my opinion), and which ones I don' don't read this part (math).

I have also learned that I am capable of a lot more than I thought and that even if I have to cry through this whole experience, in the end, it will be worth it.

In the beginning, when I wondered why any sane person would go back to finish school at 40, a thought came to my mind and I was reminded that any knowledge gained in this life, would bless my life in the eternities. So with that, let's hope someone in the afterlife will want me to explain polynomials.... ;)


December 4, 2011

Young or Old?

I was in the Bishop's office for tything settlement tonight. He had a big glass bowl of candy and then a box of Sees' chocolates on his table. I was totally eyeing the chocolates and if it weren't for the fact I was still fasting, I would have asked to take one. As I commented on the abundance of sweets on the table, the Bishop says, "Yeah, the young ones go for the candy in the jar, but the seniors in the ward like the chocolates better...... Uhhh.... I'm just going to pretend he was speaking about the youth who are seniors in high school... :)


November 15, 2011

A Fresh Start

It's been quite a long time since my last confession...oops I meant post. I always plan on being more consistent and then well, life gets in the way and I just have to make a fresh start.

This past weekend my little brother got married. It was the coolest wedding! It was so fun to see my brother so happy and feel so lucky that he found his wife Scarlett. As a sister, you not only want your siblings to find someone they love but someone that will love they dearly back and treat them well. Greg found that in Scarlett. They compliment each other and best of all, her wit blends in well with the McCann Clan.

The night before the wedding Lauren and I were hanging out in my brother Jerry's hotel room just talking with my sister-in-law Melanie and my niece Malia. As we were talking about the wedding stuff, Malia asks "Auntie Erin, when are you getting married?" I wanted to say "Oh, if I had a dime..." but I didn't. I just smiled and said "one day." And one day it will happen, and it will be great, and seeing how in love Greg and Scarlett are, that's what I am willing to wait for. So thank you for reminding me how grand love is and how waiting for the right one is totally worth it!


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