May 14, 2010

A Good Slap in the Face!!

So I haven't written in here for awhile and I promised myself I wasn't going to let that happen but it seemed like my life just got busier and busier and I just never got to writing something until today.

Well I'd been having a great time attending my pity party and complaining about the unfair things in my life, still no luck in the love department, struggles with work politics, wanting to be more independent as far as buying a house and becoming more financial stable. I think these are things that can relate to a lot of people and I don't disagree that they can be big burdens but I really was just feeling so overwhelmed and not seeing the light. (and I don't mean like the light after you leave this life, I am ok with not seeing that one for awhile) I was just feeling like I would be stuck in this for awhile and I wasn't ok with that. On top of that I had to travel for work to handle a conflict in one of my areas and that was just more emotional drainage.

So I arrived back home and was on my computer browsing through the website when I saw this video that was on there, titled "My New Life"

It was the same one my little sister posted on her blog but I hadn't clicked to watch it yet. I decided to click on it this time and watched the story of a woman who had been in a plane crash with her husband and had become disfigured from the burns. As I watched this couple tell their story I just began to cry, I thought how I was complaining about my "problems" and how I was feeling that life was unfair and then to see and hear the physical and emotional trials this couple, especially this woman, was going through and yet they still gave thanks, they still had determination, they still had their testimonies which were even stronger then before the accident really hit my hard. I really got a slap in my face that just was a huge "WAKE UP!" for me. It didn't mean that I just said oh everything is good now, but I realized that I can definitely look at things different, with a different heart and a humble soul. I can say that I am grateful for a lesson learned not by any great means but by a simple 8:20 min video.


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