February 9, 2010


I have to admit that my little sister was more on the ball with getting a message out to Michele then I was, but it is still technically her birthday so I just wanted to tell her how wonderful she is and how lucky I am that she and I are sisters.

While she is just a bit older then me (he he)Michele and I have lots in common and it has been so fun to be able to share those fun interests with her. We love to watch the same types of movies and t.v. shows, so if one of us goes to a movie, we will call the other one the next day and describe how great or bad it was and if the other should go see it. This goes for shows as well. It used to be when "The Bachelor" first came on the air, Michele and I had a standing Tuesday morning phone call where we would discuss all that had happened. We would totally get into all the drama, you would think we actually knew these people in real life!

I have lots of great memories with Michele, especially most recently, going with her to her Zumba class while I was out visiting last year! There is nothin' like shakin your bootie right along with your sister in a room full of people!

So Michele I hope you had a wonderful day! I love you so very much and am just grateful that you are stuck with me forever and ever!!

Love You!



February 8, 2010

It Was Just Meant To Be

When I was trying to decide on a name for my blog, I was trying to figure out what best described myself and my personality. I thought about using Arabell, which was a nickname my roommate in college gave me or even Juliette, which is what people called me in France because Erin was difficult to say and meant "death" or something morbid like that. Yeah, I don't think many people know that the only individuals who called me Erin were those in the same house as me, everyone else called me Juliette. Anyway, I wanted something that I would love to see everytime I click on the site and so after 30 minutes or so I finally came up with "Joie de Vivre" which translates essentially into the "Joy of Living, or of Life".

As soon as I wrote it down, I knew that it was what my blog title would be. It fit me perfectly and whenever I click to see my blog, I just get a smile on my face when that title comes up!

Well, in December my roommates and I went up to Park City for a girls' weekend of relaxtion, shopping and fun. It was a blizzardy weekend but we were determined to enjoy it, piles of snow and all. We went to the outlets and begun the lovely process of going from store to store looking for bargains and deals. One of the stores I wanted to visit was J.Crew. I love that store, I love the outlet even more because it makes all those cute things actually affordable. Well this night there was a great sale going on and my friends and I rushed from rack to rack looking at all the fun clothes and discounted prices. I had looked through some sweaters and pants when I looked over and saw a bunch of t-shirts that were nicely organized in different rows on a table. I looked at the sign and they were on sale, so I began sorting through them and as I was doing so, all of a sudden I saw this shirt! I couldn't believe it! I think I even let out a little squeak of sheer delight, right in front of me was a t-shirt with my blog title on it.."Joie de Vivre" and best of all it was super cute! Course even if it wasn't there was no way I wasn't going to buy it. I picked it up and held it close to me while I finished the rest of my shopping. That shirt stayed nicely folded in my shopping bag for the rest of the weekend till I was able to get it home and then wear it with a cute sweater.

So you see "Joie de Vivre" was just meant to be for me and now I can advertise it everywhere if I want!

p.s I would have been wearing it myself, but it was starting to become awkward having my roommate take pictures over and over again, solely focused on my chest.


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