March 3, 2009

Yup, that's Ryland for you!

My nephew Ryland is pretty hilarious (it runs in the family!) I called him on Sunday to wish him a Happy Birthday and this is how the conversation went.

Auntie Erin "Happy 7th Birthday Ryland!"
Ryland "Thanks"
Auntie Erin "Did you have a party?"
Ryland "Yeah, my friends were there, some couldn't make it though"
Auntie Erin "So what did you get?"
Ryland "I go GI Joe action figures!...I got lots and lots of presents!"
Auntie Erin " What else did you do?"
Ryland "So I have just been playing with my toys and my back and neck are really sore, and I have this pain in my neck and so do you want to talk to Brayden?"
Auntie Erin "Uh...o.k."

Some of us are phone talkers, some aren't! Love you Ry!


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