January 8, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You?

I heard about this philosophy on the Oprah show years ago. The guy who wrote the book, of the same title, revealed to the women of the audience that if the guy isn't calling you, asking you out or asking to marry you, he just isn't into you! A huge lightbulb went off in my head and after years of wondering and waiting and hoping that he might call, I finally realized that if the guy ain't calling, it's best to just move on. So you would think, that after being armed with this information, that a smart girl like me, would be able to sift through the interested and non-interested ones pretty quickly.....uh the answer is NO! I am still asking myself "did he lose my number?", "is he too shy to call?" "did he get amnesia?" Yup, I am still coming up with excuses for those lame, non-committal jerks. I am doing better though. I catch on much quicker these days and if he doesn't call by the 4th day, I am already moving on to the next one....o.k. maybe not totally moving on but I have put him on the bottom of my favorites list! :)


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