January 26, 2010

The Automobile Curse!

You've heard of families have some sort of curse placed on them. Example, every third child has a third arm, or a family member passes away every Valentine's day (kinda morbid sounding, but keep reading). Well my family had the automobile curse placed on us from the time we could drive. It seems that every member of my family has had to deal with the constant breakdown of their automobiles.

Whether it's a flat tire, broken window, engine failure, you name it, it seems to have happened to each one of us 7 kids. Now many of you reading this, including my dad,(o.k. my dad probably doesn't read my blog)or I will say my parents, will say that cars breakdown all the time and that everyone has had a bad experience with that, but it seems that if there was a problem to happen to us, it would be directly related to a vehicle. Now if I were to put in order the kids that have had the worst luck with the automobile curse it would be in this order

First Place

Steve and Carol - Their curse really started on their honeymoon. I think they spent more time in auto shops repairing the breakdowns then they did actually honeymooning. Good thing they were really in love, cause in spite of the curse they are still happily married, though I do think they should have just done and exoricism and just got rid of the curse immediatley.

They could write a book on the auto horror stories they have. I think I am going to ask that in the next life, they get either a never ending supply of new cars or an eternity of free repairs (most likely, I'll ask for the first because nothing should breakdown in heaven right?) ;-)

Second Place

Jerry and Melanie- Now Jerry and Melanie haven't had as many horror stories as Steve and Carol, but they could share some pretty crazy stories about dealing with steel on wheels. There would be only 2 reasons for my brother to justify swearing, The Cowboys losing a game and his car breaking. You don't want to be around him for either. LOL

Third Place

Erin (me) - I think the that in my situation I sort of bring the automobile curse on myself. Most of the problems I had with cars was due to my "temporary absence of intelligence." Like the time my engine blew, not because it was old, but because I forgot to put oil in my car for almost a year. Or the time it got towed, not because it brokedown, but because I forgot to register it in the state I was living in for over a year...(see the pattern here) I hope that when I purchase my next car (a brand new one, as my dad recommends) I will make sure that some type of holy water gets sprinkled across it for luck......course knowing my luck, it would somehow rust the paint.

Fourth Place

Andrew and Lauren - This placing is a little more difficult because I really have only heard about their car stories very sporadically, so it is difficult to say whether their placement is right or not, but Lauren did have a car that she was lucky enough to run to the ground, but not before, I think, putting more money into it then the cost of a pimped up Escalade. I praying you will one day get a pimped up Escalade.

Fifth Place

Eric- This one is tricky also because Eric really didn't have problems with his cars breaking down as he did so much with crashing them. I remember the time he flipped our truck one Sunday afternoon...it left him with a hole in his hand and a crunched vehicle, lucky for us he made it through alive and he was driving a Toyota. Both were able to be mending quickly. I know there is another story, but I am getting tired and my brain can't find that memory at this time.

Last Place

Randy and Michele- Their curse came later in life, much much later, but it seemed like I was getting a call once a week about something going wrong with their suburban. They had problems with their starter and it would just shut off while Michele was driving or the flat tire she got last week. I think they must have done an exorcism on their honeymoon, but the warrenty has probably worn off... ;)

And Finally......Honorable Mentions

Dad and Mom and Greg- I know they have had their share as well, but they don't seem to be has crazy or expletive inducing as the rest of ours.

So there you have it, my proof that an automobile curse does exist and did find it's way into the lives of my family. All I have to say is that it's a good thing that "you'll laugh at this later" works really well and that I know that after this life I most likely will have the option to fly (not drive) to anywhere I want!


Lauren January 27, 2010 at 7:32 AM  

Yeah, I think you placed it correctly. Before we got the Vibe, I had to walk to work (about 3 miles one way) in the SNOW, while PREGNANT for a few weeks because our Saturn was having so much trouble.

Then there was the geo that I basically expected not to start for about a month every summer.

And it was really fun to inherit the family blue toyota that wouldn't go into reverse or reach speeds over 30 mph. FUN TIMES!

Car trouble is way better than other curses though, so I'm thankful.

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