January 30, 2010

"The Red Skirt"

So I've had this red skirt now for about 17 years. I bought it as a suit back in the day, when shoulder padded suits were cool.(notice I don't have the jacket anymore) Anyway, I loved the suit. It made me feel so professional and it fit really well because it was a petite size. It also was made out of really great material and I think that's why it's stayed in great shape for so long. It also was the suit I bought when I lost 20lbs after my first year of college. I had gained the freshman 15+5 and came home feeling a bit like a pudge ball, and so I went on a very popular diet at the time and started running for my main source of exercise. It took me, I think, about 7 months to drop the weight. I felt great and figured I would celebrate by buying the red suit. Red was a good color on me and just made me feel super sleek and cool. I don't think that at the time I bought it, that part of it would have still been around today. I think it also signified what I had accomplished with losing the weight and so it was a bit of a symbol of success for me. I remember using it as a gauge as to whether I was gaining weight or not. If the skirt wasn't fitting anymore, it was time to hit the treadmill and lose the cupcakes!

So having it hang in my closet, always just made me feel a bit of security and hope. It would be there to act as a reminder of where I want to be, if I ever got off the healthy track.

Well, after all these years and many, many, moves, I finally gave it up! I folded it up and gave it to D.I., in hopes that maybe a girl will find it and connect it with it the way that I did and keep it for another 17 years. Course the only thing that makes it bearable for me to part with it, is that it's too big for me now! I did put it on one last time and took a picture so it will at least stay in my memory books for years to come.


Lauren January 30, 2010 at 6:00 PM  

Fun. You're so cute! I'm glad you gave up the jacket a long time ago. This picture would be much different with you in a jacket with shoulder pads.

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