March 14, 2010

Wishing Mom A Happy Birthday!!

My Mom

A couple weeks ago my parents went to visit my sister Michele and her family in California. They asked me to gather mail and stuff while they were gone. While I was there on the last day, I found some of our old family albums and I went through and took pictures of old pictures I found. I loved looking at pictures of my mom. It brought back lots of memories I have of her.

My mom really has done so much for her family and has worked to give us wonderful memories of our childhood. With 5 kids she and my dad moved to Japan when I was 3. I look at the pictures and see all the fun things we did when we were there and how my mom was so excited for us to learn about this new culture and helped us to embrace it. I think of her reading to us kids at night and cooking wonderful meals. She was there to console us when we were hurt or wanted to share something great that had happened to us. She would repeat this throughout my life.

When she was around 8 months pregnant with Lauren she went into labor and delivered her premature, she showed great strength and faith during that time and was still there for us. I think how difficult it must have been to be almost an hour away from your husband and 6 kids (o.k. maybe not too difficult) and be worried about all of us. She always wanted to be okay.

I think about things that I inherited from her and I think the one quality I appreciate the most is her desire to show kindness and charity to others. She created a home that I always felt safe to be in.

I remember when I was attending school in Idaho and it was almost time to go home for Christmas. It had been a tough semester and I called my mom often for support and comfort and before I left to come home I called and asked if she could keep the Christmas lights on, on the tree for when I got home late that night. I remember walking in the house and the lights were on and all the decorations were up and I just felt like a little kid, so excited to be home and so excited for Christmas!! My mom created lots of these moments throughout my life. She has sacrificed many things for us during her life so that we could be happy, but that is what a mom does when she loves her children.

She has so many talents that a lot of people aren't aware of. She is an amazing cook, she can paint, draw and sew. She has great taste in British movies (I get my love of them from her). I don't think I have told her often enough how much I appreciated all she has done for me and helped me in my life. Thank You, Thank You for Everything Mom!! Have an amazing Birthday!!

Love You Mom!!!


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